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We believe that employee well-being is the bedrock of organizational triumph. When your team is mentally healthy and in equilibrium, the results are nothing short of remarkable. Productivity soars, Engagement ignites and there’s innovation everywhere!

Why Corporates need Amiga

Workplace Productivity

When employees feel mentally well and supported, they are better equipped to manage work-related stressors, resulting in improved focus, creativity, and overall job performance – happy employees are your star performers!


Structured mental health initiatives for employees enable them to navigate their roles more effectively, leading to a more balanced and satisfying life both at home and in the workplace – balanced employees are your workplace champions!

Cost Savings

Proactive mental health initiatives can result in lower healthcare expenses related to stress-related illnesses, as well as a reduction in absenteeism and employee turnover, thus reducing recruitment costs – healthy employees stay longer!

What we offer


A comprehensive model on mental well-being for the organization which includes design, training and support for all employees


Custom workshops for employees and new parents on well-being and transitioning back to work


Conversational AI-enabled access to parenting queries, curated content and access to expert counsellors through our app.

Our Approach

Amiga takes an integrative approach to parent employee well-being, drawing from a variety of evidence-based preventive and therapeutic techniques, including Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Therapy (PT), Solution-Focused Therapy, and more. This allows us to tailor our offerings to each organization’s unique needs and challenges.

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