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Amiga has multiple offerings including custom workshops, articles, expert advice, offering insights on fostering a positive environment, effective communication, and coping strategies to nurture your child's mental well-being.
Watch for changes in behavior, mood swings, social withdrawal, or academic struggles. Amiga offers guidance on recognizing these signs early and provides resources to help parents address and navigate potential challenges.
Amiga's conversational AI bot and expert counsellors offer age-specific insights, empowering parents to initiate open and supportive conversations about mental health.
Absolutely! Explore our curated collection of activities, games, and exercises designed to promote emotional intelligence, resilience, and mindfulness in children - available on our app.
Amiga addresses various parenting challenges - from sleep issues to behavioural concerns, through bespoke workshops, our 24/7 chatbot and through our expert counsellors.
Discover self-care strategies tailored for busy parents on Amiga. From quick mindfulness exercises to time management tips, we offer practical ways for parents to prioritize their well-being without compromising their parenting responsibilities.
Amiga recognizes the importance of digital well-being. Our experts can help with navigating screen time, online safety, and fostering a healthy relationship with technology to ensure your child's mental health is supported in today's digital age.

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